All designs on this page $4.00 each 

all fit the 4x4 hoop unless specified otherwise

Don't forget to check out the gallery page.

Personalized & custom designs available upon request.

Available Formats pes


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These are for the  4x4 & 5x7 hoop- these are lace-look, not freestanding lace

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Elegant Golden Birds

Floral Birds

Bird Housing

Strawberries & Bluebirds

bw birds 4x4

Seeds for birds

American bald Eagle silhouettes

Perched Cardinals

Owls of Spring

Fabulous Herons

Spring birds of a feather

feathered friends

proud eagles

Home for the birds

lovely bluebirds

bird song

Birds of a feather

Birds on a wire

Cardinal Melodies

Birds & florals 15

All time birds 1

All time birds 2

hens & roosters paradise

Fancy and free 16

All time birds 3

hummingbird beauties

Hummingbirds in Spring

Odd birds of prey

Colorful exotic birds